My name is Eric Ghildyal. I am an innovative, socially conscious coder residing in Boston.
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@Eric_Ghildyal, GitHub, Resume (PDF)


I'm the CTO and co-founder of a startup called Root Health, an AI virtual assistant that provides automated participant management for clinical research.

Things I've done:

Interactive Fiction Game with a lot of inside jokes about being a Pitt student: EasyCommunity

Internships (2017, 2018) at UPMC Enterprises.
In 2017: The main project I worked on was a de-identification framework for use in an internal search engine-like project. I also worked on a few side projects in custom DICOM de-identification and RabitMQ/webhooks (Java Springboot, Python, Ruby, NodeJS, RabbitMQ)
In 2018: I worked alongside the UPMC RX EXPRESS team improving medication delivery and adherence via an sms-based chatbot. (React, Node.js, CI/CD, Docker/Kubernetes)

A research project called Padblock to build a Blockchain-based solution to track physical goods for the University of New South Wales.

Faceplate, a research project at UNSW ADFA under Professor Elizabeth Chang to turn a highly manual workflow into a robust webapp (C#, HTML CSS, JS/JQuery)

Talk about architecting systems for rigid compliance at an ACM Pittsburgh meetup.

Talk about Blockchain and Bitcoin for the University of Pittsburgh Computer Science Club

A fun side project called Whereisit5oclock.world in order to teach a friend the basics of web development.

A hackathon project called Aloe : a platform that encourages users to be fiscally responsible while rounding up their purchases and donating that money to charity at the end of each month.
It won BNY Mellon's prize for "Best Fintech hack"

Internship making custom front-ends and back-ends for bespoke websites for Studioality (HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP)